New Online Campaign

11 Sep

Since we’re out and about with our cameras filming celebs and celeb-type places, we decided to put that our footage to good use.

Taking our inspiration from America, October will see us launch a campaign that has already been endorsed by stars of ‘Glee’, ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Days of our Lives’ stateside. We’ll be posting the details sooner than soon.



Celebrity TV re-start!

26 Aug

We’re out and about shooting  new links for our celebrity TV series:  Plus One……

The team LOVED Angelina..... swoon!

There are some FAB events pending, and we’re confirming all the “red-carpet” details now.

It's red carpet time again....

In other news, our first official factual (yay!) announcement is drawing near. We’re busy beavering away on the research but we’ll post all the news on here SOON!

It can't all be about showbiz... we *heart* factual!

Terrestrial TVeeeeeeeeeeee, oh yes!

30 Jul

All is super busy in the BP office, we’re still working up our factual projects and there are other bits and pieces on the horizon too.

Think A’ List celebrities, think beaches, think glamour…..

It’s all at the *early *early* *EARLY* stages…… but keep checking back in with us at BP….

….. we’ll share any news with you ASAP!!!

Over and out. x

Read Ruth’s showbiz blog on IVillage

28 Sep

Read our showbiz blog, Access All Areas

Catch up with what’s happening in the world of showbiz and celebrity over on iVillage.

Access All Areas will give you a lovely little sneak preview of what’s to come with our celeb series, due to launch in the coming weeks….


Our producer Ed sources celebrity beauty tips... and he's a BOY. What a pro!


There’s also a beauty series good to go too featuring all the tricks of the trade (that the celebs know about but don’t want to share.) We’re aware of the tricks too and we’re sharing!  So eyes peeled…..


Keep Watching....


The press take note…

28 Jun

Our first mention in the press was arranged today. Well, I say first… (we did also supply an exclusive story to the London Lite back in November, but we couldn’t namecheck ourselves because it came out prior to signing the contract. A**e.)

No matter, our name will shortly be “in lights” in Red magazine.

Lovely quotes from the MD and a “Boit Productions” proper mention.  The Champagne is being opened, for all the BP troops, as we speak. Pens down….. let’s celebrate.  Magic.

Sshhh! (We’re keeping it ZIPPED.)

1 Jun

We can’t talk about our new projects yet… they’re at the pre-production/contracts/boring bit stage but:  Watch. This. Space… it’s all good!

Boit goes double-dating…

6 Apr

We teamed up with Mchatton Productions to produce showbiz content…

Mchatton/Boit sort-of like Ruth & Ed - but different..

Teaser here: